Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So, my office has a demon. A demon that is trying to make my life more miserable. I was almost defeated, I was badly hurt, and now, I recovered, with more power in me.

I am always not strong enough, to protect myself. I know I am stressful, I know I am angry, I know I am upset, but I promise myself that I'll be O.K again after swimming (p/s: I seem to have the ability to leave all the unhappiness behind in the water, somehow). I fail sometimes. I am still showing faces, I am still complaining. >.< (the part of me that I hate now)

Anyway, I am doing things to make myself happy so that I can make others happy. Other than the habitual ways that I have been doing eg. window shopping, etc., I pick up new ways like reading Bible, listening Hillsongs...I am actually pretty looking forward to Sunday church. These are the things that never fails to calm me down. At least it eases my worries and hatred and I am able to forgive people. A little amazing...

Nevertheless, planning on trips is what excites me the most. I think travelling out of Malaysia is necessary as stucking in Malaysia all the time will make one a so-typical-kind of malaysian, which is....Bad!!I do not want to lose/forget the beautiful values that I learnt when I was over the other side of the globe. Currently eyeing on Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan...trying to make it realize within this year.

Ok, so, that's it. :)


Monday, March 1, 2010


Time no longer flies, I think it evaporates everyday just like that.
Apparently, February is a lovely month. The only month where holidays superseded working days most of the time. I felt as if I rested for the whole February.
Cny just past like that. It was definitely an eventful new year. I had a lot of fun. There were unhappy things too occurred but I am glad that everything is over and everything is back to normal. This Cny has way more fireworks around than any other previous years that I had celebrated. Malaysians are getting richer I guess.
Now, I am back to work again. Life is getting more and more peaceful. Things are getting more and more routinized somehow. There's no perks in life currently. But, I have a few goals that I want to try to achieve. At certain point, I wonder if money is really everything? Getting richer= being happier?

It's March already.
It's the fourth year since I become the luckiest girl in the world.
Happy Anniversary!!

If God can hear me now, I ask for hopes. Please create hopes in our lives, in everybody's lives.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday with Couz

So, my hh left peninsular malaysia for CNY. 2 weeks. 14 days. I just have to survive the first 4 days and I'll be okay. My lil couz is nice enough to travel all the way from Semenyih to my place to spend a day with me to ease my loneliness, and I do appreciate. We had great time shopping at Ikea and The Curve, and I thought this is good enough to jump start my 4 days of battle.

And so, I came home. The ugly cute monkey is there to make me smile. He is worth RM600 by the way. I thought I should clear the fridge and cook everything in it before I balik kampung. I should have known that I need to be slow with my cooking skill and it needs some warm-up as it's a lil rusty by now. I didn't. It was the worst nightmare. ToFu+garlic= burnt 'a lil'. then + chicken= chicken still 'a lil' frozen. then + fishcakes +chili padi. Note that they're all being cooked together(my latest practice of instant way of cooking). And now this is going to be my Mon, Tue, Wed lunchbox. *lost appetite*. I am not even sure if DaTow is going to eat if I serve him that.

Conclusion, my cooking is not always this bad. I just need some warm up time to brush up my cooking.
Conclusion, human are dependent. No matter who you're, you will still have something that you rely on so much so that you can't almost live without. I tried not to, and I failed. I am trying again...


Friday, February 5, 2010

By Bill Gates

~Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one~



Thursday, February 4, 2010


January...Well, it's already February. I wonder what have I been doing....or what have I achieve so far.

Everyday is like racing with time.
Wake up-work-go home-swim-dinner-sleep.
I started to feel bored with this routine already.
It's only six months.
It's only six months.
Within the six months,
I work and I realize that I need to gain more accounting knowledge.
The more I work then, I now postpone my ACCA to an unknown date.
The more I work then, I am not sure what I actually want.
I wonder do many people actually know what they want in life.

Within the six months,
my cooking got so bad and worse.
I failed in my own assessment of being a good girlfriend.
I haven't been doing things that I suppose to do.
I haven't been doing things that I really like to do.
I am also not sure if I have done enough for my family to make it a happy one.

What else?

I wish there's angel somewhere.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two is better than One

*wink* is not the happiest day.
But, it is definitely one of my happiest day.
I can finally swim underwater. *claps*
I can also sit underwater already. *more clapss*
although my breathing is not good yet.
It's so amazing.
Like all of a sudden, you just know how to do it.
I tried swimming underwater for like a month already. My dear tried his very best to teach me and force me go underwater. But I just can't.
Today, at that moment, I just can. I don't know how. I'm just able to do it. It's so cool!
The moment I did it, I feel myself so amazing.
To some people, this might not be something so big to talk about.
But to me, yes it is!
Imagine like a kid who knows nothing, I pick up swimming slowly.
My dear knows how much hardship I went through to be able to swim like a fish.
I used to have phobia swimming in the deep water.
I can't believe I can do it now. That's why I appreciate swimming more than anyone else. I learnt it the hard way. devil coach!
Thanks to my devil coach also, I learn swimming, I learn cantonese, I learn to learn from mistakes. I learn so many things from him.
How do I live without you, my evil devil?